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Memoirs From Fairyland

the writing of S.L. Wood

Wings of a Wolf
23 October 1990
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On weekends, I tear holes through dimensions by creating portals, though I never get the cake promised to me. I consider pizza one of the major food groups, though I'm more than capable of cooking gourmet. Some nights, when the lights are out, I watch horror movies in tent forts. Also, I'm considering erecting a shrine to Misha Collins. Would that be a step too far?

I'm a writer specializing in fantasy, science fiction, and horror, or in other words, speculative fiction. I like dark and urban fantasy, post-apocalyptic sci fi, and splatterpunk, psychological, or Lovecraftian horror. I'm currently working on publishing a few short stories before I begin trying to sell novels.

At the moment, I'm working on a modern-day epistolary and a children's detective novel. :)


Modern epistolary: 44,000
Morgana Tremaine: 6,700